Wednesday, December 1, 2010

TV Week outtakes, I love you.

So I'm sitting in my hotel room, with little to do but ogle some Robp0rn. So I figured why not share.

I love the TV week outtakes, though I suppose that's no surprise seeing as I love Rob.  These pictures are amazing, and I suppose TV Week and the photographer deserve a small amount of the credit, though in all honestly the job couldn't have been very difficult with Rob as the subject!

I do believe that these TV Week outtakes have become 2010's equivalent to 2009's epic December Vanity Fair. Except that I can't just run right out and buy a nice glossy magazine with all the pictures in it for me to defile drool over.

It seems like so long ago that I first saw these

Scruff wasn't sexy until I discovered you!
Casual. Cool. Completely distracting.

Then these showed up. I can't even describe how they made me feel

Head to toe hotness
GAH, those legs give me dirty, dirty thoughts.

And then just when my mojo was failing, when I needed you most, you gave me these. Thanks for livening things up!
You livened things up for me, now I'd like to return the favour!

I'd rather just stay in bed, but this would be the next best way to start my day!
How about a little game of naughty librarian?

I've never wanted to be interrogated before. Maybe a little Basic Instinct reenactment? 

I can think of much more interesting things to do with that tie!!

 Obviously that isn't all of them, but I thought I'd seen them all.... Then tonight I found these.

I'm not sure what your problem is with socks, but I'd have no problem if you wanted to ditch the rest of the clothes as well.

Why so serious?

Don't worry baby, I miss you too!
What? Naughty librarian isn't your thing? Don't worry, regular table sex is fine too.

So since it's December 1st, and I can no longer deny that the holiday season has arrived.... Let's hope that more delightful treats like these are coming our way!!!! I may be on naughty-for-Rob list, but I'm pretty sure Santa isn't aware of that!


  1. These are completely swoon and drool worthy... I love this shoot too!!

    I may or may not be making a photobook on line of these and a few other pictures from this year... ;)

  2. Kelly, I hope you are planning to share it with the rest of us when you are done!!!

  3. MMMMMM mmmm mmm. This whole photo shoot was such a WIN. So many amazing shots. I think the one of him sitting on the desk peeping over the shades is my favorite!! LOVE it!


  4. that one is my favourite too Tess!


Something (for me) to look forward to!