Friday, January 28, 2011

Perving is contagious

Ok, I already knew this. I can perv on Rob all by myself (I'm talented like that), but put me with a group of like-minded h00rs *ohai twitter* and the perviness factor grows. Hard.

But what I only discovered recently is this: Once you start perving on one 20-something guy, you start noticing all the other not-as-hot-but-still-hot 20-something guys out there!!

Obviously it started with this:

Which let to this:

And then this:

Were boys this hot when I was in my 20's? I don't think so. I certainly don't remember that. I had the prerequisite Leonardo DiCapprio obsession during the Titanic days, but let's be honest, Leo was never this hot.

Recently though, I find myself seeing more of the men outside of my little Twilight bubble.  It's like Twilight opened my eyes.

Or maybe it just made me really horny.

Now I see great guys everywhere. Cute, handsome and funny guys like this (I know, some of those guys aren't in their 20's, but I didn't realize that til I was in the middle of the post, so tough!):

And to be fair to the men in my own age-bracket, they are plenty hot too!

Granted, the perv factor is nowhere near that of the Precious, but still; I enjoy the eye candy!

Lately though..... well, I've been cheating. A LOT!!!  Obviously Rob still holds first place, but number 2 climbed the list with record speed. And he isn't going to give up his quest for top spot. 

Ladies, I'd like you to meet Charlie Hunnam.

I first discovered Charlie playing pretty boy Lloyd on the short-lived but awesome sitcom Undeclared. He was also on Queer as Folk, which unfortunately is on my "always wanted to watch but never did" list. And now, he plays Jax (Jackson) Teller on the FX show Sons of Anarchy. I love SOA. FLOVE IT!! It's an amazing show with a fantastic cast. Katey Sagal just won a Golden Globe for her role as Jax's mom Gemma.  Have you seen it? Well, what are you waiting for?  Need motivation? I can provide that. 

Need more? Well h00rs here it is: Charlie isn't shy about showing off his body. Jax frequently appears au natural. Many an episode finds me ogling Jax's fine nekkid ass. His chest, back and legs are amazing too (though, try as I might, I didn't get a glimpse of anything else).  Trust me, it's worth looking, you'll agree once you've seen him! Unfortunately google didn't cooperate in my search for an image, no matter how many euphamisms I used for ass, but I'll share this in hopes it entices you enough.

So there you have it. Not only am I a h00r, but I'm a cheating h00r. And I refuse to feel guilty about it. I have to share Rob with a bazillion others, the least he can do is share me with one. 

And now I'll share some a few of my favourite candids of Rob. Y'know, so you don't kick me out of the club! 

Until next time h00rs... Keep on pervin'!

Update: Sorry about the weird spacing. Blogger is not cooperating.


  1. Well that was certainly a perfect post to warm up this very cold and snowy day :)

    Excellent collection of boys you have here. Yes, yes it is.

  2. This post is all kinds of yummy. My heart will always be with Rob but it's recently been taken over by another man (you all know who I'm talkin about if you follow me on tumblr/twitter) and I don't feel bad about it. Rob gets SO much love that I doubt he even notices I've shifted teams to someone else. At least I kept it all in the Cullen family, right? ;)

  3. Okay I thought this post was heading in the direction of admitting that suddenly you find the 20-something guy scooping out ice cream at the local ice cream shop cute....but that's probably just me. Thank God you can admit stuff like that here @ The inappropriate crush.

    I've seen SoA but can't get into it. Charlie has the same thing going on as Askars from TB though IMO.

  4. @TT haha, if the local boys looked like that I probably perv on them too!

  5. Omg, had such a huge Leo crush, it wasn't even funny. Today, he's meh... Granted he might still make the "free pass" card between me and MrInotU, but not the lamanated one, I rerserve that for all the vampires I love, Rob taking the top spot of course.

  6. Yes, ma'am. Perving on Rob does kind of open all sorts of doors. I find myself drooling over most of the Twi-men/boys...but it always leads back to Rob.

    I also drool over Channing Tatum. That boy had me at Step Up and he was a McHottie in Dear John. Mmmmmmmm mmmmm good.

    Taye Diggs also has my number. He makes me *squeeee* often.

    And I'm pretty sure if I ever met Kellan in person I would forget my name.



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